A chance encounter turns a homeless man into a construction worker

Not too long ago, Jeremiah Wilson was homeless and down to his last dollar, but these days he’s working hard for a local construction company, thanks to a chance encounter that has made things much better. two parts.

“I had no income before that, my income was basically asking people for money, I had no money,” Wilson told FOX 9 on Monday. He has to look after a one-year-old daughter, but for weeks he struggled to find a new job, “so I turned to begging, which was really what I was doing that day -the”.

A chance encounter with a stranger would change everything for him.

It happened outside an Aldi grocery store in Minneapolis. James Dotseth, owner of JD Consulting Group, noticed Jeremiah asking for money to support his family; and he knew he could give her something even better.

“I saw him with his daughter and his wife and he asked us for food,” Dotseth told FOX 9. “The only thing I really had to offer him was a job.”

Now they are entering four months of their new partnership, with Jeremiah learning carpentry work and helping on construction sites three days a week.

“I don’t have to go out and beg for money anymore, I just work,” Wilson said.

Dotseth expects Wilson to return full-time soon.

“He’s a hard worker,” Dotseth said. “He shows up every day, every time I call him…he feels like I’ll be ready in a few minutes, boss.”

On Monday, they worked to put up a new fence in Minneapolis, and Jeremiah is the one getting paid, but both sides are taking some of it off.

Dotseth was once homeless himself, and now he’s happy to help raise someone else.

“I became a better person, it made me a lot stronger,” Dotseth said.

As for Wilson’s family, they are now staying in a hotel until they can find a more permanent living situation.

“I like the pay, I like the job, so I might take the trade, probably get into the union or something you never know,” Wilson said. “I’ll see where it takes me.”

Alice F. Ponder