Bam is set to land a £75m job in the Manchester government office

Bam Construct has entered final talks to construct a 12,000 square meter government office block in Manchester to relocate civil servants.

The development, which will see the construction of a nine-storey office, is the product of a joint venture between Ask Real Estate and The Richardson Family, who today signed a rental agreement with the Government Agency for property.

Ahead of the demolition of an office in Piccadilly Gate, Manchester, to provide space for the HS2 station, around 1,800 civil servants will move into the new £75million office to be built on First Street in the same city.

Around 700 staff from the London offices will also move into the new Manchester headquarters, meaning some 2,500 staff in total will be located at the site which is due for completion in 2024. This is part of a wider government initiative to to move civil servants out of London and to other parts of the country.

The office building is the fifth in a series of developments led by the JV in central Manchester and is to be built to Excellent BREEAM standard. In total, its investment in the region amounts to £710 million.

Once constructed, the building will be in net zero carbon operation.

The government has pledged to move 22,000 civil service jobs out of London by 2030, and it is estimated that relocating workers to Manchester will generate around £31million in benefits for the northern city.

Minister for Brexit Opportunities and Government Effectiveness, Jacob Rees-Mogg, said: “This new site will provide accommodation for civil servants from at least four different government departments, making it one of the largest centers collaboration and inter-governmental operation outside of London.”

George Downing has been involved in joint venture work in the area, picking up work to develop a £400million plot of land known as First Street Living, consisting of a 44-storey tower surrounded by a group small buildings.

Alice F. Ponder