Everyone is saying the same thing about an Irish construction worker who threw a bag of poo from a crane

This is the heartbreaking moment a prankster crane driver allegedly threw a bag of his own poop onto the roof of a Dublin building.

In a video posted online, the worker brandishes an almost half-full plastic bag and laughs: “the joys of being a crane operator”.


The worker threw a bag, which allegedly contained his poop, off the edge of a crane
The bag and its contents landed on a building


The bag and its contents landed on a building

The cheeky construction worker then holds him up to the camera and jokes “a puddin’ ring there, boys” before swinging him and throwing him overboard.

The unknown crane operator films him as he falls from a massive height, before he lands next to a chimney on the roof of another building.

When he zooms in on the bag, it looks like the contents exploded upon impact on the roof, at which point he says “oh my god” before turning off the camera.

The video – captioned ‘A crane operator picks up a bag from a bag – drops it on the roof of someone’s house in Dublin’ – has been viewed thousands of times.

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Some found the nauseating video fun to watch, with one user saying, “I’m going to hell for laughs.”

But others felt uncomfortable after watching the clip.

And many even called for the crane operator to be fired for littering.

One user said: “What a dirty man to do this. I really hope he gets fired.

Another said: ‘I could have taken it down to throw it in the trash’ while someone else said: ‘Let’s check in so my boss can see how much shit I am. Better publish it on the web for good measure.

Eagle-eyed social media users were able to identify the exact location of the crane as being south of the city center.

Anyone caught littering in Ireland can be fined €150 on the spot, or a maximum fine of €4,000 if convicted in District Court.

Meanwhile, last week another prankster in the UK filmed the moment he jumped out of a body bag in a morgue.

The silly staff at T Cribb & Sons in Beckton, east London, played the prank on a colleague next to a real corpse – and it left locals absolutely furious.

Recorded by a hidden camera, a group of employees enter the morgue and tell their co-worker that a body doesn’t have a name tag on it.

We see two body bags placed on slabs in front of the fridges used to store the dead.

The prank victim can then be seen standing on top of what they believe to be a body bag with a real corpse inside.

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They then unzip the black bag and, as they look down, the fellow prankster lets out a scream and jumps out of the bag.

Despite laughter from staff, the company was forced to suspend some staff after locals were fumed over the prank.

Alice F. Ponder