Gender pay gap in Keltbray remains above 2018 level

Construction engineering giant Keltbray has narrowed its median gender pay gap – although it remains above the level recorded in 2018.

On a snap date in April 2021, the Surrey-based company discovered it was paying women 78p for every pound earned by men, Keltbray revealed today. This was a smaller median pay gap than recorded in the previous two years, although in 2018 women working in the company were paid 81 pence for every pound earned by men.

Using the average calculation method – a different way of identifying an employee’s average salary – the gender pay gap at the company narrowed to 28% last year.

Keltbray’s bonus-to-salary gap has narrowed by both measures, meaning women are catching up with men in terms of performance-related pay. However, the total number of employees receiving bonuses was much lower in 2021 than in recent years.

Meanwhile, the company has increased its female workforce, with women accounting for nearly one in five employees in April 2021. It also saw a 4 percentage point increase in the number of female employees in its highest-paid quartile by compared to 2017.

Chief executive Darren James conceded the company has “a way to go” to close its gender pay gap.

He added: “We are delighted to see that we are gradually increasing the number of women we employ and that we are seeing more women in leadership positions.

“However, we understand that, like many others in the industry, we are on a journey of inclusion and with that in mind we want to build on our progress each year and hold ourselves accountable for our performance in ‘inclusion.”

Last month, Balfour Beatty revealed that its gender pay gap had widened over the past year.

Alice F. Ponder