Monadnock Ledger-Transcript – Cub rescued at Peterborough construction site dies

Monadnock Ledger – Transcript

Published: 03/16/2022 13:22:24

Modified: 03/16/2022 13:22:12

One of the cubs rescued in early February from a building site in Peterborough has died, according to Kilham Bear Center, the rehabilitation center that took in the cubs.

The smallest of the three bears, Fitz, died of pneumonia last Friday, according to Ben Kilham, who runs the centre.

The three bears were rescued after construction workers disturbed a bear den during a construction project on Old Dublin Road in Peterborough. New Hampshire Fish & Game officials determined that their mother would not return for them and took them to Kilham, who at the time reported that all three were in good health.

“He was underweight,” Kilham said of Fitz. “He was about half the weight of his sisters.”

His sisters, Willa and Billie, found feeding much easier than Fitz and didn’t have the same problems he did, according to Kilham. The little bear would struggle to regurgitate milk, and the center had to change the way it fed and cared for him.

“He struggled all the way through and then at the very end he got lethargic,” Kilham said, adding that these were signs of pneumonia and he had probably inhaled milk due to his difficulty swallowing.

Throughout this process, Kilham said the center had vets look at him and try to help him, but in the end there was not much they could do.

“He went really fast,” Kilham said. “Newborn babies are very tough, if something is wrong it is very difficult to fix it.”

The center posted about Fitz’s passing on their Instagram account, announcing his death “with a broken heart” and saying he will be “deeply missed.”

“He was a sweet, sweet teddy bear full of mischief and mirth who kept his sisters on their toes and brought joy to all who had the privilege of caring for him and meeting him,” reads the story. the message.

“It’s always tough,” Kilham said. “We are attached to them, like anyone else. It’s always a loss. »

The two remaining cubs are doing well, Kilham said, and show no signs of the difficulties Fitz has been having.

“They’re really strong and fiery, and they’re doing extremely well,” he said. “They are just small bulldozers.”

Alice F. Ponder