Overview of real estate and construction news (05/18/22) | Pillsbury – Gravel2Gavel Construction and real estate law

Companies are renovating office space at a historic rate, China plans to build a 3D-printed hydroelectric dam without human workers, the US infrastructure package has thousands of projects underway, and more.

  • Miami crypto real estate boom defied all conventional wisdom as the price of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin surged, which could overflow in other popular real estate markets. (Peter Lane Taylor, Forbes)
  • China plans to build the first 3D printed hydroelectric dam in Tibet, with an AI-powered design and no human workers. (Matthew Loh, Business Intern)
  • With the hybrid working model here to stay, companies are having their offices refurbished at a historic pace. (Joe Dyton, Connected real estate magazine)
  • A new real estate technology is being tested to reduce carbon footprint of the 300,000 federal government buildings. (Nate Berg, fast company)
  • Six months after the signing of the $1 trillion infrastructure package, the US government relayed there 4,300 projects In progress. (CBS News)
  • The Metaverse continues to provide a new way to participate first-hand in virtual reality, primarily through digital storefronts, games and entertainment, while delivering tangible benefits. (Sean Finn, Forbes)

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Alice F. Ponder