Overview of real estate and construction news 27/04/22 | Pillsbury – Gravel2Gavel Construction and real estate law

Biden administration plans to require US-made steel and iron for US infrastructure, two major real estate players are expanding into the metaverse, robotics may be a solution to labor shortages work in the construction industry, and more.

  • A new report published by Basic logic indicates that there is a growing chance that the economic shock caused by soaring mortgage rates could see home values ​​plummet in some overvalued real estate markets. (Lance Lambert, Fortune)
  • With the construction industry needing more than 500,000 workers above its current rate of hiring to meet demand this year, robotics prospects are explored to automate operational processes. (Sebastien Obando, Diving under construction)
  • The rapid expansion of Amazon warehouses has put critical pressure on the construction materials supply chain. (The real deal)
  • The Biden administration recently requirements issued to learn how projects funded by the bipartisan US$1 trillion infrastructure program are sourcing building materials. (Josh Boak, World News)
  • Two major real estate players, Jamestown and CBRE, enter the metaverse, suggesting that new approaches to evolving online platforms could be taking shape. (Patrick Sisson, bisnow)

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Alice F. Ponder