President Bio reviews progress on the construction site of the new international airport terminal – Welcome to the Sierra Leone Telegraph

Sierra Leone Telegraph: March 28, 2022:

There was confusion and surprise last week when the Chairman of the Government of Sierra Leone’s Office of Infrastructure and Presidential Initiatives, Dr John Tambi, described the ongoing construction works next to the airport Lungi International as “a new international airport”, published in the Sierra Leone Telegraph.

But last Friday, the scenario was changed by the government, when the president visited the site where work began on November 12, 2020, at a cost of $270 million, describing the construction as “the new project of the airport terminal which will handle one million passengers a year when completed later”. This year.”

To put value for money in Sierra Leone’s economic context, the previous APC government wanted to build a new $400 million airport not far from Lungi. Today, President Bio is building a new airport terminal and runway next to the existing airport at a cost of $270 million.

President of the Office of Infrastructure and Presidential Initiatives, Dr. John Tambi, said the President’s visit to the site was to review the work of the “SUMMA Group in expanding the capacity of the existing airport at approximately 13,200 square miles from the current 7,200 square miles.

“This is the biggest Turkish investment in Africa to date and when completed, it will rejuvenate our country and open it up for investment,” Tambi said.

SUMMA Group Country Manager in Sierra Leone, Ibrahim Sheriff, said it is a Turkish multinational company operating in about 8 African countries, adding that they are building a new terminal which will transform Lungi Airport.

He said the company employed hundreds of Sierra Leoneans from the local community and the SUMMA Group will continue to impact lives and contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

“At the end of this year, we will all be gathered here again to celebrate the completion of this very important project,” Sheriff concluded.

President Bio thanked the people of Lungi for hosting and supporting the project. He pointed out that the construction work is the biggest such investment in Africa by the Turkish developer, a show of confidence in his government.

The president also said that Lungi airport is the gateway to the country. Therefore, a modern airport is not only important for beautifying the country, but also for attracting foreign direct investment.

“I am satisfied with the progress made so far. I am very happy to be here and to share this moment with you. Thank you very much,” concluded President Bio.

Alice F. Ponder