Public tours planned at Fay Jones Woods construction site

Photo: City of Fayetteville

City officials will host two public tours of the Fay Jones Woods construction site for residents interested in learning more about the project.

Visits are scheduled for Saturday, April 23 at 3 p.m. and Wednesday, May 4 at 3 p.m.

The project is part of the first phase of the planned 50-acre outdoor public space in downtown Fayetteville, now known as The Ramble.

Fay Jones Woods area should include accessible trails, canopy walk, lookout, picnic area, and restoration of Tanglewood Branch Creek.

The first phase of work also includes a redesign of West Avenue and improvements to the Razorback Greenway through the planned corridor.

A later phase will include the redevelopment of the West Avenue car park opposite the Walton Arts Center by Dickson Street. A new parking deck will replace the lot, which is slated to become a municipal area with splash pads, lawn, event spaces, trails and two multi-use buildings.

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Fay Jones Woods project concept images

Upper picnic area / Ville de Fayetteville

Stairs of the Tanglewood Branch / City of Fayetteville

Trails and spaces / City of Fayetteville (enlarge)

Alice F. Ponder