Record number of WWI grenades discovered at construction site in Turkey


On April 25, while digging a pit in Balıkesir Province, Bandırma District, Marmara Region, construction workers found more than 830 hand grenades believed to be remnants of World War I. .


Of the 831 hand grenades, 420 were still active, local police deminers said.

The seaside district of Bandırma is located 131 kilometers east of the Gallipoli peninsula, where hundreds of thousands of soldiers lost their lives at sea and in land battles in the First World War between the alliance Ottoman-German-Austrian and Entente Powers – Britain, France and Russia.

The majority of the small bombs – 656 wired bombs and 70 grenades – belonged to the Ottoman army, while 105 hand grenades were German-made, experts said.

Five of the Ottoman hand grenades and 310 of the Ottoman wired bombs were filled with gunpowder.

Some 265 bomb cords were also found alongside the small bombs.


All explosive materials will be cleared by provincial police department clearance teams, according to local media.

In 1920, Bandırma was occupied by the Allied Powers led by Greek military forces. The district was liberated in 1922 during the Turkish War of Independence.

Bandırma, which has about 160,000 inhabitants, has been an important port city in the Republic of Turkey. The district has attracted people from the Balkans, the Crimean Peninsula and other parts of Turkey and has seen a building boom in recent years.

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Alice F. Ponder