Spotlight on Men’s Health Week

It’s Men’s Health Week June 12-19 and the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity is supporting the week by raising awareness of all the resources it has to support our men in construction.

One in five men dies before the age of 65. The causes are various physical and mental health problems. Men’s Health Week therefore aims to raise awareness of preventable health conditions for men of all ages and backgrounds.

Our construction workforce is 87% male, so it is essential that our workforce has free and easily accessible support to live healthier lifestyles and there is lots of things that can be done to help keep your mind and body fit.

Physical health

Get regular checkups with your doctor. Visiting your GP regularly can help them identify and treat any health problems, such as Prostate cancerat its beginnings.

Reduce your salt and sugar intake. Having too much salt can raise your cholesterol and cause heart problems later on, while too much sugar can lead to obesity and/or diabetes.

Take a daily walk. A walk gives you cardiovascular exercise and fresh air, and it’s great for your mental health.

Reduce alcohol consumption. In addition to inhibiting your ability to perform daily tasks, constant heavy drinking can cause liver problems.

Stop smoking. Smoking is bad for every organ in your body and can lead to various serious health problems, such as lung and throat cancer – it’s costly too!

Enjoy your breakfast every day – A nutritious breakfast starts your day off right. This not only gives you the energy and fuel for peak mental and physical performance, but also helps maintain stable blood sugar levels and a healthy weight because you’re less likely to overdo it later in the day.

Mental Health

Join a community group. Being part of a group can improve mental well-being by reducing feelings of loneliness and detachment. Try visiting one of our Lighthouse beacons as a first step.

Talk to someone. Whether it’s family or friends (or even one of our helpline workers), nurture healthy relationships with your peers. You can always call our help line if you require.

Take up a hobby. Engaging in a hobby can be a mental escape, help us hone a skill, or simply give us the opportunity to socialize with others. It is also a great way to disconnect from work and break away from the monotony of everyday life.

Volunteer. It has been proven that doing something selfless for others makes us feel better. We even have our own volunteer opportunities you can join.

Have a good night. Sleep is essential to healthy mental well-being because it helps us regulate our emotions and our ability to function effectively. Register for free Dormitory app to find out how.

Adopt relaxation techniques. These may work to slow breathing, lower blood pressure, and reduce muscle tension and stress.

Bill Hill, CEO of the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, said: “Our construction industry is 87% male, which is why it’s extremely important for us to provide the right support and encourage them to be healthy for work and for life. As a charity, we provide holistic support in all aspects of emotional, physical and financial well-being and strive to provide education and information so that, where possible, people can help themselves and be proactive in developing a healthy lifestyle. We have had a fantastic response to recent campaigns highlighting skin health, stress, prostate cancer and healthy sleep and will continue to provide proactive resources to our staff.

We’re here for everyone working in the construction industry and related trades, including their families, and all of our support services are completely free. Whether you want specific advice from one of our trained advisors via our helpline or SMS support service, or access to learning resources via our self-help app, there is a means of assistance for everyone.

Ask for help

  • 24/7 helpline for the construction industry offering free and confidential emotional, physical and financial well-being support with translation services for those who need support additional.
  • Construction Industry Helpline self-help app that complements the helpline and signposts to over 3000 accredited organizations offering specialist assistance.
  • HARDHAT free text service that gives immediate access to text feedback advice
  • Lighthouse beacons. 160 volunteer centers across the country that provide a safe place to meet in a confidential environment.
  • CPD-accredited wellness masterclasses covering topics such as managing stress, managing anxiety, and building resilience, to name a few.

To access all of the above resources and to learn more, visit the charity’s website Men’s Health Campaign Page

If you need help or support now, or know someone who does, you can access free, confidential support 24/7 via:

UK construction industry helpline 0345 605 1956 / ROI 1800 939 122,

Or text HARDHAT to 85258 (UK) or 50808 (ROI)

Website signage to all resources

Alice F. Ponder