The industry-funded nonprofit is the latest to tackle the shortage of construction workers

BuildStrong Academy, a Colorado-based nonprofit that provides hands-on training and job placement for construction workers, is growing rapidly to help address the national labor shortage.

BuildStrong Academy uses the same curriculum as The Home Builder’s Institute (a nonprofit that educates at-risk youth, veterans, and others for a career in the construction industry), where students graduate with construction skills, exposure to multiple types of commercial work, and industry-recognized qualifications, including OSHA-10 certification. After six weeks of basic training and twelve weeks of skilled trades education. Last September, BuildStrong opened a new location in Orlando and is preparing to launch chapters in Houston and Charlotte by 2024.

the the wall street journal reported that demand for new construction over the past two years has significantly outpaced supply, thanks to a combination of pandemic-induced outcomes such as supply chain backlogs, mass quits and drop-off rates. historically low interest. But before COVID-19 arrived, educational support for construction workers dwindled over the decades as public high schools phased out their technical programs. From now on, the construction industry will need 740,000 new construction workers a year, for the next three years alone, as demand continues to rise and older workers approach retirement.

Labor wages increased by 4.46% from August 2020 to August 2021. Although BuildStong Academy has an ambitious program, it is unlikely to train enough workers to desaturate the job market enough to stifle rising costs in the immediate future. That said, BuildStrong plans to open 20 schools in the next 15 years, so they could very well have an impact on the job market in the long run.

Alice F. Ponder