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A man who smoked while knocking off a hot water system from a construction site was later linked to the offense by DNA left on the cigarette butt. Thomas Henare targeted a house in Wangaratta on Joyce Way last year. He went to the job site on August 19 or 20 and used tools to remove the hot water system from a wall. Wangaratta Magistrate’s Court heard yesterday that he took the item to an undisclosed location and traded it for drugs. Cops came to the site. They took the cigarette butt as they searched the crime scene for evidence. Henare was linked to the offense after tests detected his DNA on his buttocks and was arrested on November 29. “A bad time,” he said when asked to explain his offence. “I got it for the drugs.” Henare was also involved in two robberies at the post office in Wangaratta. He targeted the Australia Post site for $57 worth of Mickey Mouse-themed items, including a soft toy, porcelain mug and pen on one occasion, and took a Mickey Mouse tote bag and book. Disney Stories on January 12. The items had been stuffed into his pants and shirt and were later exchanged for cash. IN OTHER NEWS: He told police in February he had ‘had a bit of s — going on’. Attorney Geoff Clancy said Henare had developmental disabilities and drug issues. Henare had lived in Frankston and moved to Wangaratta, and now lives on Rattray Avenue, a short distance from the house’s construction site. Mr Clancy asked for a fine for the breach, but Magistrate Ian Watkins said a correction order was more appropriate. “Hot water service elevates it,” he said. “If he chooses to move into this area, he has the right to do so.” “But if he can’t behave, he could choose to walk away. He could have that decision made for him. Restitution is sought for the stolen property. Henare will be assessed for an order and return to court on June 20. Our reporters work hard to bring local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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