Yellowstone National Park Construction Worker Sentenced for Assault – Sheridan Media

A man who assaulted his colleague in Yellowstone National Park while working for a construction company is heading to jail for his actions.

Gregory Toth, 44, was sentenced to 44 months in prison, followed by 3 years of probation, for assault with intent to commit kidnapping.

According to court documents, in early October 2021, the victim who had been friends with Toth for over 30 years, told investigators that Toth contacted him and accused him of sleeping with Toth’s ex-girlfriend. .

Toth had recently been released from prison for assaulting and kidnapping the ex-girlfriend and was sharing a trailer with the victim in Yellowstone at the time of the October incident.

Later, Toth entered the trailer and started attacking the victim and threatened to kill him.

He accused the victim of deleting text messages and accused everyone in the construction industry of covering up the relationship.

Park rangers eventually located Toth, who admitted he had used marijuana earlier and that rangers could smell alcohol on Toth’s breath.

When an assault occurs in a national park such as Yellowstone, it becomes a federal crime.

Alice F. Ponder