Californian convicted of burglary at Pocatello construction site

POCATELLO — One of two Los Angeles men arrested in connection with multiple burglaries at the Pocatello construction site in January has been sentenced to probation.

Jobsan Enoc Garcia Baca, 20, was sentenced to five years of criminal probation on two counts of grand larceny by District Judge Javier Gabiola. The probation carries a discretionary jail term of 120 days.

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Garcia Baca and Oscar Orlando Herrera, 57, were arrested in the early morning hours of January 15 after being found in possession of approximately $20,000 worth of tools. Pocatello Police Department officers were able to connect some of these tools to equipment stolen from nearby construction sites.

The pair reached plea deals in March. But the Bannock County District Attorney’s Office attempted to overturn those deals after additional charges were filed against the two men in connection with similar burglaries in Bingham County.

The motions were dismissed in both cases.

Originally charged with five counts of robbery, the plea deal arranged for Garcia Baca to plead guilty to two counts, and the other three were dismissed.

Garcia Baca received two five-year probation sentences, but the court ordered that they be served concurrently. A prison sentence of five to 10 years was suspended.

In addition to probation, Garcia Baca was ordered to pay a total of $1,841 in costs and fines.

He will now continue court proceedings in Bingham County, where he faces one count of grand theft and one count of burglary.

He is due to appear before Magistrate Judge James Barrett for a preliminary hearing on May 19.

Herrera is scheduled to attend a Bannock County sentencing hearing before District Judge Robert Naftz on May 16. After sentencing, he will pursue his own legal proceedings in Bingham County.

Alice F. Ponder