City police arrest ‘messy’ construction worker in Castries

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City police officers arrested a construction worker around 5.30pm on Friday afternoon in Castries, saying he assaulted them after warning him of his disorderly behavior.

Video recordings of the arrest have gone viral on social media.

In one of the videos, a vocal crowd gathers with individuals criticizing the two officers who arrested and handcuffed the man, identified as a resident of Millet.

“Move the handcuffs off the boy man,” an off-camera male voice urges, hurling slurs full of insults at law enforcement.

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“The dying man,” claims another individual as the man lies on the ground.

“Take care all kill man,” someone else warns in another video.

A municipal police official said Saint Lucia Time that the 34-year-old man, under the influence of alcohol, behaved in a disorderly manner on rue Jeremie, in Castries.

According to the official, the man assaulted officers who cautioned him and threw himself to the ground as law enforcement subdued him, sustaining injuries.

“The blood on the officers was the blood from his wounds,” the official explained.

The official said that after subduing the Millet resident, he behaved in an unruly manner with an ambulance team that arrived to take him to OKEU Hospital, where he was in police custody municipal pending charges.

There are no further details at this time.

Main photo: Screenshot from the video

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Alice F. Ponder