Construction workers’ strike will impact projects in Waterloo Region, Guelph

A strike involving more than 15,000 construction workers in Ontario is impacting high-rise buildings in Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph.

The workers, who are members of the International Union of North American (LiUNA) Local 183, walked off the job on Sunday. They include people who do carpentry work on apartment buildings, self-leveling flooring workers, house carpenters, and tile, railing, carpet, and hardwood installers.

The union wants to see pay packages that reflect work done during the pandemic, fight inflation and expected increases.

“Fundamentally, it’s all about the money,” Jason Ottey, director of government relations and communications for LiUNA Local 183, told CBC News on Monday.

He confirmed that the strike affects high-rise construction workers in Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph.

Workers from International Union of Operator-Engineers (IUOE) Local 793, which represents crane and heavy equipment operators, are also on strike. The union has offices in several Ontario cities, including Cambridge.

According to the Home Builders Council of Ontario (RESCON), a large number of collective agreements have been settled, arbitrated or reached a tentative agreement and are awaiting a ratification vote.

“We are encouraged by the fact that a number of collective agreements have been concluded. However, there is no reason for work stoppages, and we hope the arbitrated settlement will encourage other parties to return to the bargaining table and reach an agreement,” the RESCON Chairman said. Richard Lyall in a press release.

Alice F. Ponder