Government housing agency worker claims construction site authorities beat him for refusing to work more overtime

A construction worker, who worked for the Turkish Housing Development Administration (TOKI), claimed he was beaten by construction authorities after he refused to work overtime, the Duvar news site reported. .

Ersin Dinç, 23, said he had been working overtime for weeks on construction and authorities told him on the evening of April 25 that he had to come to work more that evening. They couldn’t join other workers and he would be the only one in the construction.

Dinç told authorities that it was against the rules of the Occupational Health and Safety Assembly (ISIG) for a worker to be alone on a construction site.

“They were trying to finish the construction before a visit from the ministers of interior and environment, town planning and climate,” Dinç said. “The visit was scheduled for April 26, and I told them that even if I came to work, there was no way it would be over before that day.”

Dinç explained that he was told he would be fired if he did not come to work that evening and that they refused to pay his daily salary. When he told the authorities that he would take this issue to the union, they started beating him. “The accountant and other responsible men held me down and started kicking me,” he said.

Dinç obtained a hospital report documenting his injuries and said he would press charges against the perpetrators.

Turkey was named one of the 10 worst countries in the world out of 149 in total for labor rights, in a July 2021 report by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).

Turkey was classified as a country where there were “no guarantees of labor rights”, which means that even if a country’s legislation may set out certain rights, workers effectively do not have access to these rights. rights and are therefore exposed to autocratic regimes and unfair labor practices.

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Alice F. Ponder