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CAMBRIDGE, MASS. (WHDH) – A 21-year-old construction worker faces charges after he allegedly stabbed two colleagues in Cambridge on Monday.

Officers responding to a report of an altercation between three workers at a Wheeler Street construction site around 7:15 a.m. found two workers with apparent stab wounds, police said.

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Another worker who identified himself as “Lito M” managed to subdue Carcensky Salvant by putting him in a choke hold – a move he learned while studying martial arts.

Lito told 7NEWS that his arms felt “numb” as he tried to subdue Salvant.

“My arms were going numb…I kept going back and forth,” the man said. ” It was hard. This guy was strong.

Lito managed to disarm a folding knife from the suspect and hold him until officers arrived and handcuffed him, Cambridge Police Deputy Superintendent Pauline Wells told a news conference.

“He told me he was studying Jujutsu, he’s a beginner,” Wells said. “He held the attacker tight so he couldn’t move.”

Both victims suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries. Their names have not been disclosed. Police say one of the victims was on a ladder when Salvant stabbed him in the leg, while a colleague who tried to intervene was stabbed in the back.

“The one who got stabbed in the back is a hard working family man. He just had a baby not too long ago. He didn’t deserve this,” Lito said.

Salvant was sentenced to be held without bail on charges that included attempted murder.

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