“Kevin Durant really worked as a construction worker today and built a bunch of bricks. TRAGIC!” : Watching the Brooklyn Nets’ horrific road loss to the Celtics

Kevin Durant will feel the heat today, he probably had one of his worst shooting nights as his Nets go home with a 2-0 deficit.

Today was one of those days where nothing really clicked for the Brooklyn Nets, even their superstars couldn’t get them out of this one.

The Nets were indeed leading by 10 at halftime, and then the real trouble started. In what could be described as one of the worst shooting performances of their careers, Irving and Durant shot poorly.

In fact, wrong would be an understatement. KD laid some bricks today, in true construction worker style, and the internet was sure to get in on the action.

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Kevin Durant is about to bow out with his worst performance in a playoff series!

We rarely say a player like Durant plays poorly, but every advanced stat points in the same direction. He’s made 13 field goals in this entire streak and what’s worse is that he has 12 turnovers.

Brooklyn Nets fans will be praying that KD finds some form in the next game as they go 0-2 heading back to Barclays Center.

Many media personalities and fans were quick to jump on Kevin Durant and give him some slack for today’s performance. It was only a day or two ago when they received heaps of love and praise from various players.

KD and Kyrie have been called the most talented duo on the planet and sadly today they fell short of those expectations.

Let’s not count them out though, because the praise they’ve received is by no means hollow. KD may well put in an all-time performance in the next game, we just have to wait and watch.

Alice F. Ponder