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YOOBIC’s Bradley Capon in conversation with PREMIER RETAIL Magazine at the Retail Technology Show 2022.

Frontline workers in the retail world have an unlimited range of responsibilities with a variety of systems and applications accessible along the way. To achieve high performance when managing tasks, communicating, and learning in the workplace, they need tools to manage their workload as seamlessly and efficiently as possible.

This is where YOOBIC comes in.

YOOBIC is a digital workplace that supports frontline teams with everything they need to excel at work. It is our duty to make the work and activities of frontline workers as easy and empowering as possible.

Since the start of the pandemic, there has been tremendous growth and a push towards engagement and fulfillment in the workplace, ensuring people are happy in their jobs. It used to be all about investing in customers, but now employers have realized that providing the best customer experience requires investing in employees and ensuring their job satisfaction.

A hot topic in the retail market is employee retention, and this is also relevant in the hospitality industry. There is a sense of wanting to combat the exodus from retail where workers seek careers elsewhere due to the unstable nature of the industry.

Our answer to the Great Resignation is to ask ourselves: how can technology help employees have a more productive and intuitive way of working? We want to help companies be more connected to their frontline employees and empower them to have fun at work.

Typically, retailers use several different apps to communicate with their frontline workers. At YOOBIC, we just want to simplify this process for retailers, streamlining communications throughout the workday to give retail employees more time to prioritize customers.

YOOBIC is particularly enthusiastic about the idea of ​​being present at trade fairs and events. Face-to-face meetings with customers, customers and retailers are much harder to come by these days, so we take the initiative to be as visible as possible.

As a company, we strive to use technology to enable retailers and other organizations to cultivate a connected, productive, and learning-driven community that supports frontline employees in their daily work lives.

Alice F. Ponder